Specialized Services

We specialize in translation of agriculture, automotive, business, general, government, IT, legal, technical, and other sectors. Our language services range from translation, localization, transcription to consulting and multilingual desktop publishing.

Extensive Experience

With over 13 years in the language industry, Afghan Translation Service delivers state of the art translation services at competitive rates, within specified timelines and backed by quality accreditation and millions of dollars in liability insurance.

Over 100 Languages

While Dari, Pashto, Farsi, Arabic, Urdu and Kurdish remain our core languages, we provide our language translation services covering over 100 languages and 800 language combinations, specific to every locale, tailored to target audience and cultural norms.

Great Team

With central operations in Canada, production in Afghanistan and other countries, and project management support in Egypt and Eastern Europe, we are able to serve our clients in every timezone, with a smile and confidence.

  • Exceptional Translation Service

    Afghan Translation Service provides accurate and on time translation for several industries, delivering exceptional translated content into all our supported languages. Our translation delivery practice has been validated by Canadian and European standards organizations and certified for meeting the requirements of global standards for translation services.

    Our customer says:

    “The translation was done quickly and professionally…“Pam Spero, Principal, Gordon Public School

  • Full Localization

    Besides providing document and manual translation, Afghan Translation Service also offers full service localization for software, websites, help files, mobile device interfaces and applications as well as specialized user interfaces such as ATM machines, device consoles and so forth.

    Why choose us for your localization project?

    • We are the premier localization supplier in Afghanistan.
    • Global brands such as Microsoft and Caterpillar depend on us.
    • We are certified for CGSB-131.10-2008 and EN 15038 standards.
    • Our technology and tools are quite advanced in our industry.
  • Transcripts with meaning

    We create highly accurate translated transcripts for any audio and video files, verified by a qualified editor and formatted for consistency. With specialized transcription software and an incredible secure file transfer infrastructure able to handle gigabytes of data, we can take care of any kind of your transcription requirements.

    What Afghan Translation Service delivers?

    • Correctly translated scripts
    • Time-coded text for easy reference
    • Verified and checked by qualified editor
    • Safe and secure transfer of files
    • Over a decade of experience
  • Interpreting Services

    Afghan Translation Service has a strong network of language interpreters in North America, Europe and Afghanistan that can assist you in any occasion requiring multilingual verbal communication. Whether you need an English to Dari, Pashto or even French to Arabic interpreter, we have you covered.

    Why hire an interpreter from Afghan Trasnlation Service

    • Largest network of interpreters
    • Trained and experienced personnel
    • Pleasant, easy going and on time
    • Onsite and remote support
    • Competitive rates
  • Editing, Proofreading, LQA and More…

    Our team of expert linguists is available to assist with quality assurance of any type of translation or localization deliverable. Besides using this capability in-house for our own projects, we make our QA resources available for our valued clients at very competitive prices.

    Let us help you QA your linguistic projects

    • We perform bilingual editing
    • Verify grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization
    • Provide spotcheck reviewing in the form of LQA
    • High capcity, competitive rates
    • Quality Certified by European and Canadian standards
  • Multilingual DTP

    Multilingual desktop publishing presents a herculean task when the project is huge and the number of languages seemingly unmanageable. At Afghan Translations, our clients rely on us for just such tasks in as many languages necessary and that require design, layout, formatting, copywriting/copyediting and all other required DTP essentials.

    Our DTP service is commonly used for

    • Manuals
    • Magazines
    • Books
    • Brochures
    • Flyers
    • Pamphlets

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Our rates are very competitive and we meet very strict deadlines. To learn more about our services or to place a translation order now. With our operations spread across several timezones globally, we will get back to you with an estimate as soon as possible. While you are at it, feel free to ask us about our discount introductory pricing.

Sectors of Linguistic Expertise
  • Advertising

    We provide specialized translation services for the advertising industry to help our customers in targeting foreign markets for growth and expansion and for getting maximum ROI on their dollars.


  • Automotive

    Afghan Translation Service has been providing exceptional technical translation services for the automotive industry since its launch, serving global brands and delivering great value!


  • Engineering & Technical

    Because the domain of technology stretches across such a vast and diverse universe of professions and specialties, choosing the services of ATS makes important business sense.


  • Government

    Governments need high-quality, timely services delivered in a cost-effective manner. The flow of documents within government offices needs to be smoothly carried out…


  • Military and Defense

    Afghan Translation Service specializes in a wide array of Defense-related language services. The Defense industry requires both technical as well as nontechnical translations of various print…


  • Telecom

    We take pride in the speed with which our translation teams successfully complete Telecommunications projects. Without sacrificing our highest-in-the-industry quality standards…