Assessing Your Dari Translation

Assessing Your Dari Translation
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Assessing Your Dari Translation

If you have outsourced Dari translation of your content, it is a good time to assess if the translation meets your requirements. There are many things that could go wrongs with translating documents, especially for the languages of Afghanistan. Freelancers certainly bring value in translating content for the Dari speaking markets, but verifying and making sure your message has accurately been transformed will still remain your responsibility. Let’s zoom in on the problem and figure out the best solutions to avoid any possible pitfalls.

Regardless of whether you source your Dari translation from a freelance linguist off the internet or from a translation agency, make sure that you have done your homework with regards to verifying that the your supplier is really qualified for performing the job. Follow the usual verification process that your vendor management has in place along with making sure that the Dari translator has at least post-secondary level education and experience for translating. Read more on why your Dari translator should be a native speaker.

Once you get your translated text back, eye-ball the delivered content and check whether it “looks” to be complete. This high level check should involve counting the number of pages, making sure the images and content look the same on every page between the source and translated document. While Dari translated text could shrink or expand depending on the context, check to make sure there are no missing sentences or paragraphs (yes, paragraphs could be missing).

Assessing your Dari translation shouldn’t be hard, but it should follow a standard process. For example, another Dari language specialist such as a bilingual editor must review the translated content. Establish all the areas that the editor must verify, such as grammar, punctuation, formatting, layout, numbers, date conversion to Afghan calendar etch. A trained eye should spot all these areas as well as things such as style guide deviation, translation voice distortion and check for tone and signature. Verifying the Dari translated text shouldn’t be taken lightly as it involves multiple checks and will need thorough issue documentation.

If you require regular Dari translation, make sure you have an established issue tracking system in place. It could be anything from an Excel list to an advanced system such as software bug tracking system requiring powerful infrastructure and maintenance.

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Once your bilingual editor is satisfied with the translation of the Dari text, normally after several back and forth or even conference calls with the translator, you will need to have the translation proofread for legibility, clarity, layout, cultural appropriateness and preparedness. A proofreader is typically someone from within the industry in the target market, such as an electrical engineer in Kabul who could proofread a generator manual. Following their advice, your translation should be ready for deployment or ship with your equipment.

If you find yourself in a situation where Dari translation is an issue for you or you need any information, contact us and we will happily provide our opinion on the best course of action.

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