Dari Language Translation – Mass Migration Increases Demand

Dari Language Translation – Mass Migration Increases Demand
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Why Do We See A Spike in Demand for Dari Language Translation in Europe?

Dari is one of the two official languages in Afghanistan, and in the past one year demand for Dari language translation has spiked across Europe. Migration and movement of people is the main reason, but there are also other reasons that can explain this trend.

Afghanistan has been going through a period of transformation and the past decade and half has been full of turmoil and unexpected events in the history of this country in the heart of Asia. Lack of security has been the main reason why majority of Afghans have chosen to move to Europe. The recent mass migration trend is a great example. Although people from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Eritrea and many other countries have been on the move towards a prosperous life in Europe, only 3 countries make the bulk of the migrant numbers reaching Europe. Afghanistan has the second highest number of people joining this exodus. Read more about our earlier post on this topic here.

Naturally, this translates into a surge in demand for products and services that the refugees may need. Given that there is an existing Arabic linguistic support infrastructure in Europe, refugees from Syria and Iraq have not been much affected. On the other hand, Afghans have had little help. Dari speaking Afghan refugees have relied on Iranian Persian (Farsi) speaking  interpreters and translators for their immigration interviews and documents to be translated. European immigration authorities,  across several countries, have realized a disturbing fact around the Dari/Farsi communication barrier resulting in critical errors in processing of Afghan asylum requests.

This has resulted in a spike in demand for Dari language translation. While this is great news that Dari speaking Afghans will now receive services in their native languages, it has also opened the door for more confusion and problems. In some countries, unqualified Dari speakers have been hired to provide translation and interpreting support. This is the same mistake that the US government made at the outset of the Afghan war. They hired US based Afghans, both naturalized and second generation citizens, who had limited contact with Dari language and Afghan culture. Later on they started hiring interpreters inside Afghanistan who did not have any formal education. Given the number of people arriving in Europe, there are limited resources to address this challenge.
Translation Service

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At Afghan Translation Service, we had been inundated with requests for translation of tazkiras (personal identification documents, issued by Afghan authorities), birth certificates, passports and so forth. A disturbing trend that has recently emerged is the fact that so many of these documents are forgeries and used by non-Afghans to seek asylum in Europe. Things such as document format, handwriting, and dates are dead give aways to identify a fake document versus an actual Afghan Government issued official document. For example, we came across a 1 pager type tazkira with a date of issue in 1999, whereas there was no official Afghan government at the time and the so called ruling authorities were using a notebook style tazkira until 2011.

What this all means is that working with the right partner and with qualified Dari interpreters, clients can get an authentic and genuine translation that will give them a true meaning of the document and its intention. Translation firms that have obtained ISO 17100 certification, such as Afghan Translation Service, use a very rigid and strict quality control mechanism in which the qualified linguists are carefully cherry-picked and trained, every document is reviewed by another linguist with proper credentials and the document is fully formatted before release to client. This method of work gives the client full confidence about the quality of the translation and does not cause any headaches or delays later on.

If you have any questions or issues related to Dari language translation, our team of professional translators would be happy to help you in the shortest amount of time. Send us your comments below or contact us directly if you need our help with any Dari translation requests.

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