Dari Translation Online – Top Ten Issues to Consider

Dari Translation Online – Top Ten Issues to Consider
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Dari Translation Online

Like translation into any language, it is important to consider the a few issues when acquiring Dari translation online. Here we have summed up the list of issues that our clients mostly run into, but with a little preparation you can avoid possible pitfalls:

10. Freelancers will Do

Freelancers are great at providing one specific skill set. When translating your content into Dari on the internet, you will find many great freelance translators and will be tempted to hire one. They will provide translation for you and chances are that the translation will be fine, but performing the quality assessment and corrections will remain your responsibility. If you believe you are up for the job, feel free to read our post on Assessing Your Dari Translation to learn more about quality assurance for this language.

9. Farsi Translators Can Translate Into Dari

That’s actually true, as Farsi and Dari share the same language roots, but a translation produced by a Farsi linguist is easily identifiable and mostly frowned upon by Afghans. This can impact the consumer of the translation and affect their decision making with regards to your product or service. Learn why this is an issue by reading our article about Farsi translators and Dari language.

8. Confidentiality is Inherent

Well, it should be but it is actually not. Anything shared on the internet is literally public unless protected with encryption. Translation companies have mostly invested into cyber security and IT infrastructure where you will get a degree of confidence that your content will remain protect while in transit (online transfer) in addition to the fact that the company will take extra care in handling your content during the translation cycle. A certified translation company, such as Afghan Translation Service, must have all its linguists sign a non-confidentiality/non-disclosure agreement and classify each piece of content based on the sensitivity level imposed by the client. Learn more about finding the right Dari translation provider for your requirements.
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7. Quality is Subjective

This is an ongoing argument, everyone claims they provide quality and quality continues to remain a subjective matter. What is important is that your translation service provider must have a quality plan and a matrix to prove that they have done their due diligence in order to provide you with Dari translation that meets your quality expectations. Most freelancers only provide translation with self-editing which could pose significant risks.

6. No Need to Prepare Source Content

Most of the time that is true. But translators and freelancers work only with limited file types and content structure. Translation Service Providers, on the other hand, employ linguistic engineering resources to take your content in its “as-is” form and adapt it for translation at no cost to you. Depending on your choice of translation service provider, this may or may not be an issue. We have outlined our thoughts on content preparation for Dari and Pashto, feel free to have a read.

5. Content First, Translation Later

Leaving translation as an afterthought is not that uncommon. If you are in this situation, the good news is that it is not something to worry about. A good translation partner will help you adapt your already-created content for translation into Dari. But if you are planning on creating your content now, make sure to consider how it will be translated later. Things such as variables, dates, etc. must be considered well in advance.

4. It Will Take A Long Time

Yes, translation requires a lot of research and thinking which translates into time, which you are probably in short supply. Machine translation offers great promises to reduce the time it takes to create the raw translation, but you will still have to put up with the time required for editing and text cleanup. Relying on a one-man translation shop means you are turning your supplier into a bottle-neck. Translation language companies have thought of this and developed models that cut down the amount of time needed to properly translate any volume of text.

3. DIY Translation

If you have learnt Dari language and believe you can translate into that language, then kudos to you as it is not easy. But remember that learning to speak and write Dari is not the same as being able to translate in Dari so that all Dari speakers can find the text meaningful and usable. While you may get tempted to translate your content by yourself, it is not always the best idea as it can land you in hot waters later on.

2. It Is Not Worth It

Well, there is no such thing as not worth it. If you decide not to translate your content into Dari because it is expensive, chances are that you are not planning on maximizing your market potential for Dari speakers. It is true that translation can be expensive, but there are ways to make sure your budget is met. We have written a detailed post on why Dari translation can be so expensive, it will provide you with the needed information to establish the value of translation.

1. Using Google To Translate Into Farsi

Google Translate is a fast and easy tool which helps you acquire translation into a number of languages, including Farsi. This tools goes through billions of websites on the internet to statically establish meaning for content into other languages. For beginners, it does not support Dari (and we talked about differences of Dari and Farsi here), however, what most people don’t realize is that this tool can render almost useless translation in most cases. If you are translating a legal or technical text with Google Translate, it will yield translation from any text on the internet, resulting in output that is generated from financial, medical or other industries. We talked about the prospects of machine translation for Dari language earlier and continue to stress that it can adversely affect many aspects of your message and product.


There are many things to watch out when getting Dari translation on the internet. Look for a professional and certified firm that has developed a stringent quality management system and follows industry standards to get your content translated. If you are in a situation where you need help deciding about Dari translation online, or any other language, feel to contact us and our staff would be happy to provide you with their honest opinion based on their experience.

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