Dari Translation Services for Government Agencies

Dari Translation Services for Government Agencies
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Dari Translation Services for Government Agencies

Dari translation services for government agencies has become a hot-button issue for any organization connecting with the state or non-state agencies in Afghanistan. We will explore how organizations can obtain the best linguistic support for getting their communications translated into Dari and vice versa.

Why is this an issue?

Afghanistan is growing and rapidly connecting to the world despite the security and other setbacks it comes across. Foreign governments are required to translate any legal document or communication destined for Afghanistan into any one of the country’s two official languages. While the Afghan government has limited resources to provide the translation, they have faced challenges in the past with regards to ensuring the country’s language laws are respected by local and foreign organizations. Additionally, the quality of the Dari language presented in translated documents plays an important role when it comes to establishing relationships with the Afghan government and its agencies.

Suggested solution

While there is no-one-size-fits-all approach to getting appropriate Dari translation services for government agencies in Afghanistan, working with a reliable partner that complies with international standards can result in confidence that the translated Dari text meets the strict requirements of standard. There are several international standards for language translation, but the most well-known and internationally respected standard is ISO 17100, formerly known as EN 15038. Afghan Translation Service had to undergo a strict regimen of audits before the company was issued compliance certificate for this standard by Austrian Standards Institute.

A company that is issued the compliance certificate for ISO 17100 is confirmed to have linguists who are university educated, have enough experience in their specific language domains and the company will provide a full service, fully quality assured translation. Most non-certified agencies lack basic quality management plans and do not understand the importance of consistently delivering high quality translated products.

Translation Service

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Our translation partner is in Afghanistan

That’s great, but take into consideration that your partner is not only qualified to provide high quality Dari translation services but who also meet your requirements for confidentiality, respects you as a customer (that is your right by the way), and offers friendly customer service consistently across all its interactions with your organization. There have been cases where local companies resorted to releasing confidential content that they were entrusted for translation when their payments were not issued immediately. Such problems can result into disasters that can easily be avoided by partnering with a reliable Dari translation company.


If your organization needs to connect with government agencies in Afghanistan, you need a reliable partner that is qualified to translate your technical and legal content without jeopardizing the integrity or confidentiality of your information. Always ask for for ISO 17100 compliance certificate. Additionally, ensure that your supplier carries errors and omissions insurance and have presence in a region where a legal challenge can be launched in the event of any problems.

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