Pashto to English Translation Online – Major Logistical Challenges

Pashto to English Translation Online – Major Logistical Challenges
on October 16, 2015 5 Comments

A large number of people in Afghanistan, Pakistan and parts of India speak Pashto, we will explore the challenges for Pashto to English translation online. People expect to be able to get translation without any cost and with usable quality with the help of internet. Let’s dive deeper and figure out if that is available and at what cost.

Pashto to English Translation Online – Major Challenges

When we talk about online translation people automatically assume an automatic system that matches words or sentences against previously translated content and gives them back translated text. Well, that statement does not represent the online translation industry at all. What that statement does represent is the use of Machine Translation through publicly available websites such as Google Translate. Such systems churn out translation in the languages they support using the built-in algorithms without considering human emotions or the degree of legibility on the part of the end-user. The great news is that such systems are available free and, depending on luck, can provide the user with some meaning that they could find useful. The problem is that the output of such machine translation systems are far from being usable, although the algorithms are improving, and the users cannot rely on them for critical and important decision making such as medical advice.

Translation for Use By People

People talk to each other and understand, if they don’t speak the same language, they use an interpreter, use hand gestures or other form of signal communication to relay their message across. Machines don’t have that type of creativity and as such human-to-machine-to-human communication, especially in a multilingual setting, is still far from being useful. This describes why people are always not happy when they are looking for Pashto to English translation online and assume free is the best choice. Google, in particular, has not invested a lot in the development of the Pashto language interfaces and their translation engine still lacks this language from the list of options.

Translation agencies, such as Afghan Translation Service, and others that operate online from a physical location with support of thousands of linguists, have developed the capability to deliver large volumes of Pashto to English translation online using professional methods and systems. Not only the translation delivered by such companies are usable, reliable and affordable, it also brings credibility to the organization that is using the end-translation. There are numerous occurrences of silly machine translation mistakes that have result in costly lawsuits and ridicule by the public.

Translation Service

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Why is Translation Not Free

The simple answer to that question is, nothing in life comes for free. While you can get some meaning for your Pashto document through machine translation, professional translators are people like yourself who have expenses and charge for their time. As a company, we provide a large amount of Pashto to English translation on a pro bono basis to refugees, law firms, school boards and so on but we charge an affordable fee for translation of commercial documents. This helps us cover our costs and keep delivering the services to our customers who have placed their trust and faith in our work.


Pashto to English translation online is a subject that a lot of our colleagues talk about and people are still confused about the very definition of it. We clarified that online translation does not mean free translation and the value delivered by language translation agencies, such as Afghan Translation Service, can go a long way.

Do you have any comments about this article? Do you get Pashto to English translation online and find that it is a subject you feel concerned about?

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  • nisar
    November 2, 2015

    اسلام علیکم ستاسو داسی ویب پاڼی جوړی کړی دی چی ټرانسولیټ پکشی موجود وی خو د ټرانسلیټ وظیفه نه اجر اکوی اویو لغت معنی کوی باید مکمل دغوث مونوګراف ټرانسلیټ کړی

    • Fawad-ATS
      November 2, 2015

      Please contact us if you have any specific requirements related to translation. From what I understood you require a website that will translate into Pashto? I would be happy to help once I learn about your requirements.


  • Sultan Seyad
    January 28, 2016

    I want to learn English with translation.

  • Name *allah yar chishti
    September 1, 2017

    Message *pleas we want to translathe pastho to english pleas need service thanks

    • Fawad-ATS
      October 4, 2017

      Thanks Allah Yar, please send your request for translation directly through our Contact page.

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