The Illusive Professional Pashto Translator

The Illusive Professional Pashto Translator
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Professional Pashto Translator

Pashto is one of the two official languages of Afghanistan, spoken by Afghans across the country but more densely around the South and Eastern parts. The language is also spoken in the North Western parts of Pakistan as  well as by communities in India. It defines the Afghan national identity along with Dari. The need for professional Pashto language translation is on the rise, but unfortunately so is the lack of quality and the absence of professional translators in the field. Let’s explore some of the challenges and issues in this area, and figure out the right solution.

Like Dari, Pashto language has also suffered from years of neglect due to the war and lack of resources in Afghanistan. Likewise, in Pakistan it was also considered an unofficial minority language despite the fact that it is spoken in 2 of its provinces. Recently, however, things are changing in Pakistan and Pashto language has been receiving academic level care and research. In Afghanistan, it has always been regarded as an official language but continues to suffer from lack of resources and falls behind in development compared to other regional languages.

The need for translation of content into Pashto will grow with internet reaching almost all corners of Afghanistan through wireless networks as well as satellite and fiber connectivity. Besides the fact that the Government of Afghanistan has established local language requirements for importers, local Afghans demand to see product related content and communication in their own official languages. The problem becomes significant with the fact that there are very few trained and professional Pashto linguists today with the competence to generate an accurate translation of a text or string from English or other source languages. This issue gets further compounded if the source language is something other than English, such as Russian, French, Italian and so forth.

Hiring professional translators from Pakistan may be a solution, but one has to take into account the cultural and political differences between the Pashtoon communities of Pakistan and Afghanistan. In fact, even the dialects, forms of speech and even grammatical structure show visible differences. Afghans have also developed a strong sense of patriotism over the past decade and consider non-native language as less trust worthy and can easily affect their decision to purchase a product or agree with the text presented to them.

Additionally, it is a common phenomenon that a professional Pashto translator costs more than a standard high-school graduate Afghan translator. You might also need to heavily invest into quality assurance and editing in order to make sure your Pashto text becomes legible and at least acceptable. However, if you are looking to translate your content for an educated and affluent audience with purchasing potential, then you will need a professional Pashto translator to do the job. Hiring one is not easy as qualifying such linguists requires a great deal of effort. Professional translation companies typically employ a rigid QA process in their hiring practices which involves checking credentials, references and even testing the linguists before they are put to use for their customers. At Afghan Translation Service, in addition to that, we are required to employ a senior level Pashto translator in order to make sure the margin of error is eliminated or minimized.
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If you require help with translation of any content into Pashto or if you have questions about obtaining Pashto translation, we would be happy to take a look at your situation and provide you with our opinion.

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