Translation Services for Afghanistan

Translation Services for Afghanistan
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Translation Services for Afghanistan

Translation services for Afghanistan is need of modernization. Afghanistan has seen its fair share of problems over the past few decades. Not being able to communicate properly with the local populace should not be an excuse to engage the country on the world stage. While the country is still going through some rough times with regards to widespread corruption, security, foreign troops withdrawal and an ensuing insurgency, the Afghan government and people are committed to moving the country forward and combating these issues. For this it is important that the world connect with the people of Afghanistan, in their own languages and in compliance with their culture. But there is disparity in terms of what the world is saying and what the Afghans are hearing.

Afghans are proud and brave people. They do not like to be belittled by their neighbors or insulted by the global community. Yet they continue to suffer from neglect and confusion imposed by the outside world. Media organizations are in part to blame for not understanding and respecting the local Afghan culture. While there is no excuse for violence and loss of life, the present lack of security begs the question as to whether the past one and half decades of efforts were properly focused on reaching out to Afghan people. With billions invested in the war torn country, a class system has developed and the distance between the rich and poor has grown ever so larger than any time in history. The poor are uneducated and easily manipulated, creating an opportunity for the trouble makers.

An outreach program involving local Afghans should require thorough and direct communication with the Afghan people. Understanding their needs and wants is critical, but it should not be assumed that throwing money at the problem will buy a solution. Most of the content translated over the past few years is unusable due to poor translation, over complicated vocabulary and so forth. Asking an Afghan to read a piece of text translated by someone in Iran or Pakistan is like asking an American to read something translated by English speakers in Zimbabwe. Read why it is important that Dari and Pashto texts should be translated by native Afghan translators.

Most translation providers working in Afghanistan still employ handwritten translation as part of their process, which causes delays, inconsistency, quality and other problems. It is very hard to think that translation services for Afghanistan can be carried out this way. It has to catch up with modern times. We have heard of stories where clients lost valuable opportunities because their RFP documents were not translated, their website was incorrectly translated and in some cases their communications resulted in legal problems due to bad translation.
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