Mobile & Telecom

Mobile & Telecom

Localization of Your Mobile and Telecom Content in Dari and Pashto Languages for Afghanistan has Never Been Easier

We take pride in the speed with which our translation teams successfully complete Telecommunications projects. Without sacrificing our highest-in-the-industry quality standards, our language specialists routinely fulfill all project assignments well within agreed-upon deadlines.

To compete and grow globally, the expansive and widening world of Telecommunications requires the services of reputable and reliable translation professionals. Afghan Translation Service provides such assistance and does so with accuracy, speed, cost efficiency and confidentiality.

Our translators not only offer expertise in more than 100 languages, they provide critical insights to cultural and idiomatic nuances so crucial to convey appropriate meaning from one language to another. The very extensive global network of ATS language specialists also allows us to select those with backgrounds and experience in the Telecommunications industry to provide our clients with translations that are accurate to the field in terminology and nomenclature.

Afghan Translation Service appreciates the critical necessity of cost efficiency and strives to adhere to tight budget restrictions. Our translators carefully maintain only necessary methodologies as they proceed with assignments and do not waste client time or money on superfluous non-essentials.

Some of our previous telecom-related Dari and Pashto localization projects have included:

  • Mobile Device UI
  • Mobile App Interface
  • Phone manuals
  • Training manuals
  • Proposals/quote requests
  • Technical bulletins
  • Electronic database files
  • Online Help files
  • Marketing brochures
  • Corporate websites
  • White papers
  • CAD or CAM files
  • Catalogs

ATS project managers not only provide meticulous oversight on all Telecommunications projects, they also enable clients generous time availability for questions, concerns, troubleshooting or any other matters important to our customers.

Whether a company offers telephone, television, Internet or other Telecommunications deliverables, Afghan Translation Services makes global growth and profitability a bankable reality.

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