Technical Pedigree

Afghan Translation Service has been providing exceptional technical translation services for the automotive industry since its launch. We continue to work with some of the largest OEMs and suppliers in the world. Our clients include Toyota, Ford, Caterpillar, Blue Bird and many other high profile brands.

  • We provide large volume technical translation.
  • We understand confidentiality and information security is of paramount importance.
  • We reuse previously translated texts to reduce time to delivery and maintain consistency
  • We are certified for Canadian and European language industry standards.

Whether you are planning to export your products to Afghanistan or to any other country in the world, our team of expert automotive translators with engineering and mechanical backgrounds will be able to assist you in authoring, translation and publication of a variety of communications and documentations.

Our ability to generate the same consistent voice across all target languages coupled with our certified production processes makes us your best choice for automotive translation provider. Besides very competitive rates and top notch quality, you will also benefit from our world-class customer service and state-of-the-art translation management system, knowing that every sentence of your document is safely coupled with a verified translation and maintained for future use for repetitive text.

We understand the concerns in relation to safety within the automotive industry. We know that incorrect translation performed by an amateur or an organization with no quality control can, and most likely will, result in damage to property or loss of life. Backed by millions of dollars in liability insurance by North American insurers and with years of human capital expertise in the field of automotive translation in the languages of Dari, Pashto, Farsi, Arabic, Kurdish and other rare locales, we feel confident that we can produce culturally accurate and easy to understand translated versions of your source text.

Afghan Translation Service will provide an exact replica of your source document after the translation has been completed, and if necessary, we will convert the document layout to right-to-left direction to comply with the language flow.

We can help you with translation and localization of the following types of material:

• Catalogs
• Corporate websites
• Training and user manuals
• Service and maintenance manuals
• Parts systems and documentation
• Diagnosis manuals
• EPD/PDM systems
• Technical bulletins
• Recall and update notifications
• Warranty books
• Marketing brochures

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