Engineering and Technical

Engineering and Technical

Worldwide economic conditions underscore the need for technology-based companies to not only offer lean domestic solutions, but to provide remedies globally. One of the most important of these is the exponentially value-added benefit of multilingual deliverables provided by Afghan Translation Services (ATS).

  • We provide large volume technical translation.
  • We understand confidentiality and information security is of paramount importance.
  • We reuse previously translated texts to reduce time to delivery and maintain consistency
  • We are certified for Canadian and European language industry standards.

Technology reaches into the very fabric of societies around the world. Whether related to government, business, education, medicine, information, entertainment or the plethora of other facets comprising the structure of civilization, technology must now be marketed globally with an emphasis on localization.

Our translators provide native-language skills combined with the intimate cultural knowledge needed for successful target-market language assistance. Not only do these specialists provide impeccable skills in language, they are also matched according to their verified backgrounds to our clients’ realm of required Technology needs.

Because the domain of Technology stretches across such a vast and diverse universe of professions and specialties, choosing the services of ATS makes important business sense. With a worldwide network of on-call language experts utilizing more than 100 languages, ATS ensures a perfect fit with any client Technology requisite.

Afghan Translation Services also keeps Technology budgets at the forefront of all of our project fulfillment goals. We maintain cost efficiency at every step of every project and stringently adhere to profit-saving deadlines and the deletion of any superfluous measures unnecessary to the successful completion of any assigned task.

Our clients in the engineering and technical industries include:
• Heavy machinery manufacturers
• Military & defense contractors
• Automotive OEM & parts makers
• Factory builders
• Engineering firms
• Construction equipment suppliers
• Power plant installers
• Government agencies

Confidentiality is a mainstay at ATS. One of the most fundamental aspects of our work relies on the trust we develop with our clients, many of whom are repeat customers, and all of whom are provided, upon request, signed and legally binding nondisclosure agreements to guarantee the highest level of ethical discretion.

Our clients routinely comment on the superior customer service encountered when partnering with Afghan Translation Service. Our project managers make themselves available to offer troubleshooting and provide oversight to ensure projects reach completion seamlessly and successfully.

Whatever Technology translation needs may be required, professionals around the globe know they can rely on Afghan Translation Service.

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