Audiovisual Transcription

Audiovisual Transcription

Afghan Translation Service has developed a significant capability in delivering highly accurate translated transcripts for audio and video sources. We typically analyze a variety of material ranging from television programming to IVR systems and provide translated scripts to our clients.

What is transcription

Transcription or multilingual transcription is the process of generating multilingual transcripts from source audio or video material. For example, a television documentary producer may have hundreds of hours of video from Afghanistan and they may need everything, or part of the video, to be analyzed and translated into English. Our team will view the videos and provide a time coded English transcript that has been checked for accuracy, completeness, grammar and overall quality.

What is a timecode?

The process of marking the time from the audio or video sources into the translated transcript at specified intervals is known as the timecode. The timecode is essential for creating subtitles for videos or identifying what was said at a particular part of an audio or video file. At Afghan Translation Service, we add time codes for every time a speaker changes in the audiovisual source or should the client require, at shorter intervals such as every 10 seconds.

Types of material that we usually transcribe

  • Raw video footage
  • Wiretaps
  • Insurance interviews
  • Police surveillance
  • Documentaries
  • Movies

Our clients for transcription services include law enforcement agencies, media companies, law firms, and insurance claims investigators. We employ a very rigid process for creating the multlingual transcripts, verifying against the source audio, applying accurate timecodes and maintaining consistency across transcripts.

Safe and Secure Transfer

We provide secure file transfer servers for our clients to upload the source files or they can ship the source material via secure courier to us and we can deliver the translated transcripts in encrypted format via secure email or online transfer. We understand how critical information security can be and we take every precaution to ensure your confidential information remains confidential 100% of the time.

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