Interpreting is the art of providing realtime human verbal translation of conversation in a variety of environments. Afghan Translation Service has been providing interpreting for Dari, Pashto, Farsi, Arabic and other languages since it started its operations over a decade ago. While most bilingual people can interpret from one language to another to some degree, interpreting is a specialized field and professional interpreters ensure that the 100% of the meaning is delivered from one language to another 100% of the time.

An interpreter’s memory is the processor of interpreting from one language to another. Our interpreters have developed a special focus to capture everything said in one language and deliver the verbal translation in an accurate, culturally sensitive, and respectful manner.

Afghan Translation Service has built a strong network of highly professional and experienced interpreters across the world. While geography does become a limiting factor in certain instances, we always try to accommodate interpreting requirements.

Who uses interpreting?

  • Corporations
  • Hospitals
  • Courts
  • Social Services
  • School Administrations
  • Immigration Services
  • Embassies

Onsite Interpreting

We have interpreters who are available to travel to the location where the interpreting session is required. For example, if you require an interpreter to be available at a business meeting, a conference or a court hearing, we can dispatch a professional interpreter.

Over the Phone (OTP) Interpreting

Besides onsite interpreting we also provide over the phone interpreting, which is a remote interpreting support for our clients in several sectors. For example, a hospital may require a 10 minute interpreting session to understand the concerns of a patient without requiring the interpreter to be physically there. Once they have signed up for an account with us, they can dial a dedicated toll-free number and request the interpreter for the language of their choice and within less than a minute, we will present an interpreter.

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