Localization is the science and art of translating the text, adapting the content to the target language and culture, converting the dates, modifying the images to be appealing to the end-users according to their traditions, norms and popular culture as well as presenting the interface in a friendly and polite yet very easy to use manner.

Unlike translation, where a document is translated from one language to the other within specified guidelines and requirements, localization involves translators, proofreaders, engineers, publishing and print specialists, subject matter experts (e.g. human-computer interface specialists) and possibly end-user focus groups.

Afghan Translation Service has a long history of delivering localization services to a number of high profile brands such as Microsoft, Nokia and Caterpillar to name a few.

Premier Localization Provider for Afghanistan

Afghan Translation Service is the premier localization service provider for Dari and Pashto in Afghanistan. We have served many clients in several sectors, localized software, websites, documentation, advertising and marketing campaigns and several other product lines.

Website Localization

People around the world rely on the Internet as a primary source of information. In this information age, it is vital for a website…

User-Documentation Localization

All software comes with user documentation, which describes each feature of the program. This important document helps the user…

Software Localization

With the enormous role technology plays in most modern-day processes, organizations, big and small become more IT-enabled by the day.

Multimedia & E-Learning Localization

Multimedia plays a huge role in today’s world as a great facilitator toward learning. Audio and video greatly impact the learning…

Mobile Localization

As smartphones and tablet devices increase in popularity, developers race to create the mobile applications necessary to operate them.

Localization Testing

With an application going through multiple localizations, it is important that the product is thoroughly tested in different foreign environments.

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