The Role of Translation in the Development of a Nation
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The world is a much smaller place compared to a hundred years ago. Advances in air and sea travel makes it easy for people to move around the world. Telecom and internet services have made global communications ubiquitous, yet some countries lag behind in the area of economic development.

There are many factors in play, including security, literacy, political stability and so forth, but one overlooked factor impeding development is lack of understanding of global communication. Translation of languages, and by extension, transfer of global knowledge between communities becomes an enabler for economic development.

Many countries tend to focus more on sending their academics abroad to gain the necessary knowledge and return to the country in order to put that knowledge into practice, and to transfer it the local population. This model of knowledge transfer, unfortunately, is quite costly and some poor countries may not even be able to support it. It is also prone to typical challenges such as corruption, defection, lack of interest and other issues in third world economies.

It can be argued that translated documentation and in local languages can be a more effective and efficient. It goes without saying that local experts with modern international training may be required to translate such texts and impart that knowledge to the local population. The implementation of a local knowledge development strategy will require the support of local people, government and most importantly it needs a long term vision.

It has been proven that information in people’s own languages get more attention and consumption compared to information delivered in a foreign language. The case for translation gets even stronger with the fact that people’s livelihoods and lives may depend on correct and accurate information.

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