Multilingual Desktop Publishing

Desktop Publishing

Multilingual desktop publishing presents a herculean task when the project is huge and the number of languages seemingly unmanageable. At Afghan Translations (ATS), our clients rely on us for just such tasks in as many languages necessary and that require design, layout, formatting, copywriting/copyediting and all other required DTP essentials.

Our team of skilled DTP professionals and dedicated interpreters/translators make projects seem easy. With the multilingual DTP services we provide, our clients rely on error-free work delivered on time, every time. Unlike in-house DTP workers, who most likely know only the local language, ATS’ team of desktop publishing experts provide expertise in more than 100 tongues to produce the same document in as many different languages as the client requires.

At Afghan Translation Service, we pay special attention to not only how pages look but also to the publication’s content, so that nothing important is left unsaid or is wrongly conveyed. We provide multilingual DTP services in Pashtu, Arabic, Hindi, Punjabi and English as well as a variety of rare and lesser-known languages. And because we use only the latest and most highly rated software, and employ best-practice industry standards, our customers know they can routinely rely on us to provide top-notch DTP services.

Examples of products that we can generate with multilingual desktop publishing:

  • Manuals
  • Magazines
  • Books
  • Brochures
  • Flyers
  • Pamphlets

The standard capacity for DTP production ranges from 300-500 pages per day; however, ATS continues to accept final calls, depending upon the source file format. We provide competitive rates and accurate services with the highest standards in the industry, which makes Afghan Translation service the preferred multilingual DTP provider worldwide.

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